Day 963: Green is our Colour

Today was one of those days where you have to stop and think…who is planning this journey for us? we are clearly on this path for a purpose or plan…still not 100% sure why Madi was chosen for all of this but we’re hoping to figure that out soon.  She is not responding again to her current dose of Meds for her kidney disease – Nephrotic syndrome. We are going to try a high dose for one more month and then meet with her specialist to discuss next steps. We also found out today that the colour of kidney disease awareness is the same as CP awareness and transplant awareness…green! Crazy!!!

Madi was back at Grandview today for some Pt with Kate after a long break. Goals for this block: standing up from the floor, learning how to fall, “off roading” with her tripod canes, introducing single point canes, work on length of step/stride and transitioning to her SMO’s. 


One thought on “Day 963: Green is our Colour”

  1. Green is associated with “moving forward”, “go”, and “money”to name 3. These things should all be considered positive, so it’s great that they all use green and I’m sure Madison’s purpose will be positive as well. She is a warrior, and the world needs more female warriors.


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