Day 928: The Eve before School!

We still haven’t fully been able to process what tomorrow will be…Madison’s first day of kindergarten! How did we get here? How is she going to be 4 years old next week? Madi is super excited for her first day. She wants to play at recess, eat her snacks, play at the kitchen station and do the calendar on the carpet and make lots of new friends. Those are all the things she tells us she is excited for. She told us tonight that if she sees someone alone she will ask them to play and she will try her best to use her big loud voice to speak up for herself and ask for help when she needs it. She also said if someone asks about her canes or Walker that she will say “this is how I walk” or “they help me walk”. She promised us she will try and eat her lunch and will be polite and caring. She is more than ready for school and we can’t wait to see how much success and life experiences start for her this week. We promise to post pictures and updates tomorrow to fill in all of our loyal followers on how she does – it’s thanks to all of you, our family and friends that’s she ready to rock school! Thanks for all your continued support!

Madi spent her last day of summer getting things organized. Nana and Aunt Emily were at the house helping get things ready. Madi and Aunt Emily worked on Madi’s birthday party details. Invitations and loot bags ready! 

After dinner Madi worked on some planks and practiced some standing with no support. She was never able to stand barefoot before her surgery and she is slowly building the ability to try. 

Good luck to all of Madi’s little buddies who will be starting school tomorrow and all of Mommy’s teacher friends – good luck and have fun!

One thought on “Day 928: The Eve before School!”

  1. So precious!!!! The excitement of a little one starting a new chapter in their lives…school! May it be everything she wants it to be!!! Wish I was as ready to go back as she is! Good luck to you to Katherine on your first day back.


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