Day 927: Shoe Success!

Madi & Jack had a lazy morning, tv in bed as a family and then a late breakfast was the perfect way to ease into a crazy week ahead.

When they were ready to head out the door, the ‘to do’ list started. First up was school haircuts! 

After, Mommy was on a mission to find shoes that fit both AFO’s & SMO’s. Madi’s braces from St Louis are extra wide in the ankle, so it’s been tricky finding shoes since being back. Madi needs both indoor and outdoor shoes for school. After a few days of research online Mommy went to Carters/OshKosh and brought Madi’s braces to wiggle them into a pile of different shoes. Huge success!!! Three pairs of shoes fit her braces with no extra velchros or any modifications needed! Another amazing tip that one of the stores employees shared was that they are carrying a new style of Sorel commander winter boot this coming season that fully comes apart and can fit braces. They are calling us when the store has them in stock to try on.

Later in the day Madi visited with her friend Emily. She is going back to school tomorrow so Madi stopped by with a present to thank Emily for playing with her this summer. Emily also had a birthday present for Madison. Thanks for everything Emily and good luck at school!

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