Day 916: All about the Measurements!

Madi was sad to see Uncle Barker leave this morning but loved her visit with him! She proudly walked him to the door with her new purple canes to say goodbye. Thanks for the visit and the Muskoka Bear Wear Uncle Barker!

Madi LOVED her first session at Neurochangers today on the gait trainer! They taught her how to stand on the foot plates with straight posture, worked on walking and climbing stairs. She worked in passive mode at the start, which does the steps for her. She then transitioned to passive/active mode which required her to initiate the power and movement and then the machine followed through. She was on the machine for just over 35 minutes and did 1,004 steps and 460 stairs! 

She then headed to see Shannon for a massage after all her hard work. Her glutes and hamstring were incredibly tight on her left side from wearing her cast for the last week, dealing with the weight and off balance walking pattern. 

Madi was most excited for the next part of her day…getting her cast off!!! She was brave and actually didn’t mind the cast saw. She said it tickled and felt funny. Eric was super pleased with the results of the serial casting. One week of casting and her results were awesome! She gained 10 degrees on her left foot. Her right and left foot now measure roughly the same. 

Madi was  excited to show Jack that her cast was gone. She picked him up from daycare and headed to Grandview. Madi & Jack had a joint Physio session. Jack had his exit assessment (now that he’s 18 months) from the treatment he received as an infant for his torticollis and Madi had an exit assessment from her post op therapy blocks and will be on break from Grandview until October. Kate was also super pleased with Madisons measurements. Jack still has some rotation issues in his neck that we will try some stretching for and work out the tightness through active stretching and massage. If he is still having some trouble in a few months he will be referred to a clinic at Sick Kids. 

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