Day 915: Obstacle Course!

Madi and Claire worked hard this morning in Physio. Something new that they attempted was walking through an obstacle course. Madi had to navigate and decide when to step over things or go around.

After Physio, Madi headed to camp. She did Lots and Lots of walking and was excited to tell Mommy all about cabbages which they learnt about. 

Madi spent her afternoon at riding. It was her last class of the summer. She attempted trotting today which was fun but difficult. She is learning to hold her core, neck and head tight and still to have control. 


We love a good deal! We found these at Dollarama in their new fitness section! They have mats, Physio balls…all kinds of stuff for under $3!

Madison can do planks and mountain climbers with them for core strength.

Madi was also thrilled that her new canes arrived today! She will have a pair that stay in her classroom and a pair that travel with her.

Jack LOVES his sister so much he tries to do everything like her…Mr Potato Head glasses and a good book.

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