Day 903: Nephrology Update

Madi had an appointment with her kidney specialist this morning at the hospital. She has responded really well to the prednisone and has tested negative almost everyday with her dip sticks. Her doctor decided to lower her dose and change to every other day for the next 5 weeks. If she is still responding we will talk in 5 weeks time about changing to a less harsh drug. He was very happy with her progress. 

While Madi was getting checked up on, the OFCP truck was doing pickups at family members homes today. If you have items in your home you no longer need, consider giving them a call to pick up at your house and help those living with CP in Ontario. 

Madi did some great work with Stephanie today. She was so hot from all her hard work she asked to take her shirt off to cool off hahaha.

This then lead to a key topic when discussing potential with neuroplacticity. Dr Karen Pape says ” neuroplasticity is stimulated by Novelty, Challenge and Consequences. The goal is to encourage new activities that stimulate the brain.”

Madison was practicing walking towards a mirror. She thought it was so funny that she didn’t have a shirt on so she started posing like a ham. Stephanie asked her to turn around to walk back, but Madi didn’t want to stop looking at herself so Stephanie asked Madi to walk backwards. Madi thought it was so funny she was being asked to walk backwards with no shirt on while doing different poses with her arms that she did it! 4 steps walking backwards! Stephanie created a novel learning experience and Madi went for it and was able to do something she had never done before because it was a brand new movement, there was no former habit for her to try and compete against or break. It was so interesting to watch. 

After Physio, Madi picked up Nana and went to get her new glasses. Madi loves them! She is extremely far sighted so it will take her some time to get use to her eye muscles relaxing and wearing them for longer periods. Ice cream afterwards to celebrate!!

When Madi got home Jack loved seeing her glasses. He pointed at them for about an hour. Madi wanted Jack to have “accessories” too, so Mommy put Jacks hair in a pony tail so the two could be accessorized together

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