Day 902: So Many Wins!

For Madi, and so many other kids like her- most days have more challenges than most people would even experience in a lifetime. They have so much to fight for and work hard for all the time. 

We also believe that she has learned more in her 3.5 years of life that most kids don’t until they are much older – how to advocate for herself, know what it means to take a risk, and the meaning of hard work and true resilience. 

Today was one of those days that sparkled and was a day of success and celebration in witnessing the rewards from the days of struggle, hard work and hours poured into bettering herself. 

First sparkling moment of the day was witnessing Madi write her name all by herself for the first time! She wrote it over and over and over, beaming with pride!!

The next sparkling moment was watching her go to her first appointment of the day – ABM with Judy! She walked all the way from the car, into the elevator and then into Judy’s clinic only using her pink tripod canes! She had only ever practiced with them in safe environments, like therapy. Today was in unprotected environments – pavement, uneven sidewalk, grass, elevator!

The next sparkling moment was watching her use her canes again to go into her Physio appointment at Grandview! She managed navigating the parking lot, waiting room and washroom with her canes. She then worked on strengthening her core, practiced getting in and out of her canes from the floor, walked up a ladder and other transition activities. We never expected her to be where she is now, only 3 months post op!

Madi’s final sparkling moment of the day was when she went to Emily’s house for a swim. They did water jogging with her water shoes to weigh her feet down and swam for almost 2 hours! She was amazing! Madi continues to push forward and blow us away!

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