Day 884: Giving Back

Madi enjoyed a beautiful day outside at camp. Her favourite activity of the morning was playing ringette. She is loving her time at March of Dimes!

Madi worked extremely hard this week, and with a bad sleep last night she was very tired today. She tried her best at Physio with Stephanie but needed many breaks. Stephanie was so great at keeping her going – they worked on walking, core work on the ball, using her scooter and walking with canes. For the first time Madi can now go forwards in her scooter! Hard work!

Madi spent her evening at Station Creek Golf Course as an ambassador of Variety Village. The tournaments charity of choice was Variety Village so she walked around to meet people and helped Mommy give a little speech to thank everyone. Mommy and Madi have been talking a lot lately about the importance of helping others and giving back to communities that have been so important to us – so this was the perfect opportunity for Madison to help, for a place that is so special to our family.

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