Day 883: Glasses!

Madi was up bright and early this morning to head to the eye doctors. Jack was also out the door early so the two helped each other with their shoes and gave hugs to say goodbye for the day.

When Madi got to the eye doctor she needed to get her drops in right away. She was a bit fussy about the drops so she opted for the spray instead. Madi then put on her shades and a hat and went with Mommy for a walk to the beach while the drops kicked in. 

Once her pupils were good and dilated, she went back. She did some of the same tests as she did on Tuesday like trying to read letters, describe colours, look at big and small shapes etc. It was confirmed Madi is far sighted and requires glasses. She of course picked out pink ones. She picks them up in a week. These glasses will be for a trial over the next month to see how she tolerates them, check in on the prescription and observe what she is needing them for. She will then get an altered script and can pick out another pair. We were unaware of the age recommendation for vision screening in Ontario – by the time a child is three they should have their vision checked. Another thing we learned today was there is a program that pays for glasses for children entering kindergarten. Madi is super excited about her glasses and thrilled they are pink. Here is a flyer that describes more about the program:

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