Day 862 & Day 863: Wonderland!

We have had some technical difficulties with the blog. Thanks for waiting! Here is what Madison has been up to the last two days:


Madi had a very busy day – but she was up for the challenge. Her energy was higher, she had colour in her face, swelling almost down and she ate everything in sight.

Mommy booked this weeks therapies well before Madi was ill, so it was a tough decision to move forward with things or not- Madi is responding really well to her meds so we are happy that we continued on with our own version of “an intensive therapy block”.

Her day started with Judy working on floor transitions, crawling and feeling her feet flat with different sensory inputs.

With all her swelling, Madi has not been able to wear her knee imobolizers for over a week – so as soon as she got home and Mommy saw no swelling she put them on.

After some rest and stretching, Madison went to visit Jo-Anne. Madi worked so hard on different balance and strengthening exercises it was so impressive!

Madi and all her friends work so hard each and every day – they try so hard to achieve things that come natural to other people. So it’s nice when we can step back and do something fun to celebrate all the hard work and have some fun! Madi and her buddy Ben went to Wonderland and Madi went on her first roller coaster ride!


Madi had her last session with Judy this morning of her ABM block. They focused on sitting positions on the floor, squatting to stand and trying to achieve more rotation in her trunk. 

Madi & Jack had very different schedules this week so they loved hanging out at the house this afternoon playing together and helping Mommy & Daddy set things up for Canada Day celebrations tomorrow!

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