Day 861: Back to Business

Madison has now been on her new meds for 3 days and is starting to get back to her old self. She is still a bit swollen and has moments of exhaustion, but her personality and eagerness to be busy is back! Something that is now part of her day is what her doctor called “hangry spells”. We battled with Madison before to eat and now she can’t stop eating and has moments of emotional distress if she doesn’t get to eat as quick as possible. We are learning to get in front of it and stay consistent with the calories to help her be more stable and happy.

Madison was at ABM with Judy this morning which went great! They focused on getting a feel for new ways she can sit with her ability to have smoother transitions on the ground. 

It was then time to head home to rest and have some lunch. Madison has been napping lately which has helped with her energy levels.

After her lunch she headed to Grandview for some Physio with Kate. Today they focused on strengthening exercises recommended by St Louis and transitions from standing to squating to sitting. 

Madi then headed to Sun Valley as an Ambassador of Variety Village to be a part of a cheque presentation from a recent golf tournament benefiting Variety Village. She was happy to be paid in smarties and gifts from Nina for her appearance hahaha.

Madi, Mommy & Nana then had a nice dinner together and then played with her new bubble Barbie!

Before the day was at its end, Madi went for a swim with Ryan and Jess. Madi did her first assisted front float with face in the water! Mommy was so happy to hear that! They also built her water toys a home to hang out in while she had her lesson. 

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