Day 849: Variety Village Athletic Banquet

Tonight Madison attended the Variety Village Athletic Banquet which recognizes athletes in various sports at Variety Village for their achievements this past season. Most of Mommy’s swim team was there including some of her BFF’s Ruby, Jess, Aly and Megan. Madi clapped and cheered as so many of her fiends won awards for their various successes and she ran all over the hall in her walker chasing Nina and “checking things out” as she called it. 

Mommy was so proud when one of the award winners of the evening was MADISON!

She won the Brendan Turner Memorial Award which is presented to a young athlete with a disability who exhibits cheerfulness and determination in life and towards sport. This award was extra special for Madison to receive as Brendan was Auntie Rachel’s brother so it is an honor to now have Madison’s name on his plaque that will be displayed in the halls of the Village next to his name for years to come. 

Madi finished the party dancing away with all the big kids until well passed her bed time. Congrats to all the award winners! 

Madi was so thrilled with her trophy she went to bed with it. Fingers crossed for a good sleep as its her preschool graduation in the morning!

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