Day 848: So Many Appointments!

Madi had a busy day checking in with various members of her team since returning from St Louis.

Her first appointment of the day was at Grandview with her developmental Pead. Madi played while Mommy filled her in on the plan for the next year, how the surgery went, issues in recovery and what the current focus is. Referrals will be made for hip X-rays, eyes checked and allergy testing to figure out all the swelling. We are still waiting on the medical notes that are being sent from St Louis and then if needed we will check in again. When we have time to process everything that happened while away, we will write a blog entry specific to Madison’s experience in recovery after surgery to reflect on how intense it was and to share our experience,  as we think it’s important  for so many of our followers who are researching the surgery for their child to know how tricky it was – but successful. 

Madi had an awesome session with Monika this afternoon. It was Madi’s last conductive Ed class until she starts camp the first week of July. Madi will be doing anywhere between 3-5 hours of conductive Ed for 7 weeks this summer! They did some activities for Father’s Day while practicing some independent standing, taking steps and using her pink canes!

Madi picked up Jack from daycare and headed home for some dinner. After dinner her and Jack had an early bath and then Madi headed to see her family doctor for a late appointment in her pj’s to check in and share all of the St Louis news. He confirmed that Madi is the same weight as prior to surgery but is close to 2.5 inches taller! He has worked with Rhyzotomy patients before and was happy with Madison’s results and the plan for the next year. He adjusted her melatonin dose and supported the plan for allergy testing. 

2 thoughts on “Day 848: So Many Appointments!”

  1. What a delight Madi is. How wonderful that there are so many opportunities for her to develop and learn. I applaud all you’ve done for Madi to receive the help she needs.


  2. Madi looks wonderful!!!! Your busy days amaze me….what stamina you all have! As I have said before, I admire you so much……….you are an amazing family……….and YOU are more than an amazing MOM


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