Day 843: The Farm With Friends

Madi and her classmates and teachers celebrated the end of the school year by visiting Riverdale Farm this morning. They visited the goats, duck pond, horses and cows. They ended their time together having snacks and singing lots of songs in a big music circle. It was such a nice way to end her last year at Centennial. Graduation is next Friday!

Madi and Ben had a lunch date after the farm. Ben did a great job eating while Madi chatted away and didn’t eat much. They played with play dough, encouraged each other to use the potty and had some kinder eggs for their treat. Madi asked if she could live at Bens house…clearly she had an awesome time haha 

Madi worked super hard with Jo-Anne this afternoon. She LOVES all of her toys and unique ways she is challenged. They did lots of strength building exercises and Mommy is now filled with new ideas of things that can be done at home to compliment the St Louis home program. Thanks Jo-Anne!


Madi & Jack enjoyed the evening exploring the backyard. Madi cleaned up her playhouse kitchen and Jack lounged and watched. 

More equipment is slowly making its way into the house. Daddy is almost done building Madi’s stairs and Mommy picked up Madi’s ‘Total Gym’ equipment for her to work on her sliding squats everyday to strengthen her quads. Her basement gym is going to be re-configured this weekend as things are added. Other things on the way: Vibrafit vibration plate, scooter saucer, peanut ball and new therabands. 

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