Day 842: Workin Hard Wednesday!

Madison had a very intense day today. She had moments of struggle, but pushed through and was amazing!

Her morning at school was wonderful. She is so happy to be back and worked hard. She was super thrilled to see her BFF Ben who gave her a bracelet from his trip to Jamaica.

Jack joined her for music circle. Once the song he loved finished, he was no longer happy to be a part of it haha. Either that or he couldn’t see Mom.

After school Madi and Jack went out for lunch with Mommy and then headed to March of Dimes. Madi had a 2 hour session with Monika where she did walking in her canes and Walker, different cruising activities and floor activities that all revolved around a camping theme!

Madi and Jack then went home to relax and have dinner. After dinner Madi headed to Grandview to do some PT with Kate. They did different activities to work on strengthening dorsiflexion and plantar flexion, side stepping and standing. 

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