Day 826: Post Op Visit With Dr Park

Madi and Mommy were up bright and early to see Dr Park for his first appointment of the day. This was Madi’s last visit with him until May 2018. Overall he was very happy to see Madison and how she has been progressing. Some highlights from the meeting were:

  • He can now identify and confirm her left leg is more impacted than her right.
  • Her right leg is almost at full range and was able to heel strike when walking today for him in her walker. He has no concerns about her right leg
  • He advised us to do lots of hamstring and heel cord stretching of her left leg and to try our best with the night knee emobilizers and braces
  • She is to wear her tall braces for 6 months and then after submitting videos and reports will move to the shorter braces
  • When we see him at our one year post op he will evaluate the left hamstring for possible muscle lengthening surgery (20% chance)
  • He also confirmed that we are to do another week of casting this summer in Toronto 

He still stands by all his predictions and said she will be taking steps in the next year. After his evaluation Madison gave him her photo frame gift and had him sign her Dr Park story book. She did a great job showing him her walking and it was so nice to be able to thank him again in person for the gift he has given Madison.
When she got back to the hotel it was movie time in bed with her brother and cousin. They have been so great together this trip

After a short visit back at the hotel, Madison headed back to the hospital for physio. She did lots of walking in her walker today and practiced pulling to stand in her canes. 

After Physio Madi and Nate went to the hospital next door to visit Nana who unfortunately has been sick in hospital since Saturday. The kids loved seeing her and she looked so much better and is feeling much better too. 

When everyone returned to the hotel it was time for Auntie Em to leave. Madi was sad, but loved spending the last three weeks with her so we are so thankful for her time. 

Before dinner the three amigos headed to Target to pick up a few things and then it was off to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory!!

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