Day 815: Fancy Feet

Today Madi is 9 days post op. She was excited that she could bear weight on her casts today. Before heading to Physio she went shopping at target to buy some markers and fancy tape and stickers to make her casts a little less boring. She was able to sit in a shopping cart for the first time post surgery!

Today at Physio Madi was super excited to work with Erin who did her pre op evaluation. They focused on standing and walking today to get use to moving in her casts. She is still very hesitant and scared to use her walker and refused to today. She did standing and walking by holding hands. She also tried the total gym today for the first time that will be a great tool for building her leg strength. 


After Physio Madi had her bandage removed from her back. Dr Park’s assistant said things are healing nicely and everything looks good.

When she got back to the hotel it was cast decorating time! Madi decided she wanted her casts to look like socks, so Mommy and Aunt Emily went to work. So much fun!

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