Day 814: Serial Casting 

Madi and Jack had some free time this morning as Physio was cancelled and replaced with casting for today.

It was a beautiful, hot day outside so everyone headed to the zoo. There was not enough time to visit the animals today so Madi & Jack went for a ride around the zoo on the train. They did two loops around the zoo and then got some lunch. It was then time to head to the hospital. 


Madi and Mommy went to the therapy clinic at the hospital to get her casts. Madi was serial casted to stretch her heel cord muscles and move her joints a little closer to their correct positions. She struggled to cooperate as it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes and her feet and legs are still very sensitive from the surgery so all the different textures, water and heat didn’t agree with her. She pushed through and made it to the end. Madi has to wear them for one week and then can take them off. Please send your positive vibes towards Madi for some sleep and comfort. 

Emily and Jack went on an adventure around Forest Park while they waited for Madi’s casting to finish. They walked almost 10km! 

Madi & Jack ended their day at a party at the hotel! Madi got to visit with her friend who had the same surgery as her!

One thought on “Day 814: Serial Casting ”

  1. So much for one little girl to comprehend!!!! She is a trooper!!!! When children display “behaviours” in my class, I’m always reminding their adults to try and put themselves in the kids’ place to try and understand what’s behind them….fear, frustration, not being able to verbalize what’s going on, etc. Madi has experienced so much in her short life……so much in the last week………….It looks like she is handling all this amazingly well….I look forward to seeing her every morning on the blog…..sending buckets full of positive good thoughts to all of you


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