Day 812: Tangles, Tantrums & Cupcakes!

Today Madison is 6 days post op. It was her first day going to therapy as an out patient. 

She has been assigned two physios for the remainder of her stay in St Louis. At today’s session they measured her for knee emobilizers and she got her new pink canes! As yesterday, her time started out slow with some tears as she Is still scared about the pain she feels when moving, but it’s getting better. The focus today was building confidence with standing and walking and she tried out her Bambi legs for the first time with some assisted walking! 

After Physio Madison was exhausted. She went back to the hotel to have some lunch that turned into a crying meltdown and time out. Most parents are prepared for the challenges impacting children physically after surgery, but the emotional change is not talked enough about. In the past 6 days Madison has experienced anxiety, stress, fear, anger, frustration, confusion and although she is a good communicator of her needs, she doesn’t know what they are right now. All of those emotions tied together with no sleep has lead to many tears and meltdowns. She tries so hard to hold it together and for the most part has a smile on and pushes through, but we know she is struggling and are trying to keep things as positive as possible for her. 

To cheer her up and do something fun, everyone headed to the spa this afternoon! Madison’s hair was a nest of knots from all the days lying on her back, so we went to try and get it brushed out. They ended up having to cut the knots out they were so bad. She has a new look- a cute little bob! 

Jack also got his hair cut today! His first hair cut! 

After the hair appointment everyone walked around the little shops in the area, went out for cupcakes and then for dinner. 

It was confirmed today that Madison needs to wear night braces to stretch her heel cords so they were ordered for her today and she will have to wear them every night to bed. 

It was also confirmed today that Madison has to get serial casting done this Wednesday to also stretch out her heel cords. She will have casts on both her legs for one week. 

One thought on “Day 812: Tangles, Tantrums & Cupcakes!”

  1. I can’t imagine how Madi, at her young age, is coping with all that is happening to her…..all the emotions that must be swirling around within her…………plus pain! As an adult who has had knee replacements, I’ve had a hard time during the processes. You are all doing such an amazing job of supporting her…………….especially since you all have to deal with your own emotions. It’s a difficult journey but there will be rainbows .I have the deepest respect for you as parents and as a family. Keep strong!!!


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