Day 811: Home from the Hospital!

Today, Madi is 5 days post op. Her day started with breakfast and packing and then to her PT session. 

They focused on high kneeling and sit to stand this morning. Her transfers are getting better (not as many tears) and her strength is slowly building. 

After PT Madison went around the 12th floor to give out gifts to some of her fellow SDR Warriors and dropped off a massive bucket of sweets and treats for the nursing staff to say thank you!

Shortly after that it was time to go back to the hotel!

Jack was so excited to see his sister again! 5 days apart was hard for both of them.

Madi and Jack spent the rest of their day getting settled back into life at the hotel, went for a walk and did different activities in the room to try and hide some PT.

Thank you everyone for all your love and support this past week! It’s so nice being back at the hotel.

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