Day 782: Hidden Work

Helping most toddlers work towards a skill can be tricky, as we all know three is the new thirteen! Some days trying to work with Madison towards her goals takes a lot of patience and creativity. Here’s how we conquered some skill development today:

Madison LOVES Peppa Pig and LOVES talking about hospitals and doctors. No better way to pass some time reading, reading and reading some more “Peppa Goes To The Hospital” while trying to use the potty. Thanks for the book Nicole!

Dorsiflexion exercises consisted of painting toe nails and trying to wiggle her toes and flex her feet to help the nail polish dry.

Some OT skill work also happened today by making sure all her cousins had Easter cards for next weekend. Card making is serious business. 

Oh no! We ran out of glue and glitter for the cards! Time to hop on the bike and ride for an hour to the closest dollar store to stock up and pick up things on the “to do ” list for St Louis!

Madi worked her butt off today and had a blast doing it! 

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