Day 764: Yoga Star!

Madi had a great time in yoga class this morning at school. She loves trying new poses with her friends. Her fav’s today were child’s pose and hot air balloon!

Madi worked on some good stretching and strengthening exercises today at Grandview from her pre-op booklet. Her “skill of the day” that was focused on was learning to stand up from the floor.

After Grandview, Madison went home to relax and have some down time on her iPad. 

Later in the evening she headed to ballet and then massage. Even after a day full of movement and exercise, Shannon noted how tight Madi’s muscles were. We are going to try to increase her Epson Salt baths and add more massage throughout her day as her cramps and spasms have significantly increased. 

Happy Birthday Grandma Sandra!

Thank you Muckish Irish Pub & Blessed Cardinal Newman High School for your astounding donation of $8,292.00 for Madison and her SDR surgery in St Louis. We are 41 days away from her surgery and can not thank you enough for helping her get there! We will think of you all when she takes her first steps! Thank you and God bless! 

Day 763: George the Horse!

Madi was back at school today after her March Break. She has a new friend in her class who’s name is… Madison! The class agreed to call her Mads so there’s no confusion haha.

Madison started back at WindReach Farm today and met her new horse named George! Her instructor Cori was thrilled to see Madison and reported that Madison remembered everything from her last block of lessons and did a great job with her loud voice. 

Shannon from Beautifully Honest made these awesome boards for Madison. They will be hung next to her treadmill to bring everyone inspiration during rehab. Thank you Shannon!

Day 761 & 762: Wow Weekend!

Last night was our final fundraiser for Madison’s journey to St. Louis! Madi’s Paddy Day Party!

It was an amazing success full of love from family and friends!

Thank you to everyone who attended or supported the event. We greatly appreciate everyone’s hard work, support, determination and for believing in Madison and this process.

When Madison is in St Louis and we witness the start of her new life and all the possibilities, we will think of all of you. 

When she experiences days pain free and takes her first steps, we will think of all of you. 

Thank you to all of our CP friends for all of your support, shared knowledge, kindness and for always listening and helping get us to this point we are at. 

Thank you to our parents and family for your countless hours of support and guidance. 

We want to extend a huge thank you to Mark and Nadia! They are responsible for the amazing night last night – it was a huge success! They spent months planning and getting everything ready so that it was perfect for Madison. This past week – if they weren’t working or coaching, they were using every minute making sure they had every detail finalized. Thank you Mark and Nadia for this beautiful gift for Madison and others in the CP and SDR community. 

In all the craziness of our media blitz over the past month, it was our hope and in our prayers that those efforts would bring  the same good fortune to other kids needing the same as Madison. 

This week those hopes were listened to. Just as everyone who attended the event, provided items or food and all stepped up to help Madison, another family in our community came forward to help Madison’s friends who have already gone to St Louis for their surgery, or have plans on going. 

That family attended last night and made a special announcement that we were excited to be a part of. Jessica Romano, who is the daughter of Mario Romano at Castlepoint Investments made a donation of $500,000 to support children in the SDR community. Amazing!!! Thank you!!!

CP24 News Link
CTV News Link
Madison said her favourite part of the night was the band and dancing. 

Madi had a great sleep in this morning and then headed to her friend Connor’s birthday at Joey’s World! Thanks for the great party Connor! Great place for hidden physio!

Nails with Mommy!

After some down time, the family headed to Pig Out for a birthday dinner. Thanks everyone for a wonderful and very memorable/life changing weekend!

Day 759: Breakfast Television with Taylor

Thank you for watching this morning!

Breakfast Television Clip
Come out this weekend to support Madison & other kids needing SDR surgery! Tickets are still available. Please email:

To help other kids needing SDR surgery please go to:

Taylor’s Go Fund Me Page
A big thank you to Athena’s Mommy for coming down to the studio to support us! You can help Athena get to St Louis by visiting:
Or donate to Madison’s Go Fund Me page and the excess funds will be distributed to other kids heading to St Louis

Nap time at 8:00am!

Crazy cousin time in the afternoon!

Day 758: New Pouch!

Madison had a great day at camp! She told Mommy she worked very very very hard during her exercises. 

Jack and Mommy had a busy/fun day. One of the stop offs was to drop off some forms and money to WindReach Farm as Madison will start therapeutic riding again soon. Jack chased Willy the cat all over the barn.

Madison also had Physio at Grandview tonight where they worked on some strengthening exercises with weights and walking.

Madison also showed off her new pouch for her walker that she sewed with Pam! She told Pam she wanted a bigger bag because her stuff now is bigger. She needed more space for her dolls and her juice. Thank you Pam!!

Day 756: Camp!

Madi is at March Break camp all week with the big kids at March of Dimes – this is the first time she will be doing full days of camp! She was mostly excited to stay for lunch. 

While Madi was working hard – Mommy, Nana & Aunt Nadia went to the Windsor Arms for a special tea date- thanks Nana!

Uncle Mark, Nate and Jack had a boys day- thanks Uncle Mark for taking them on!

After camp, Uncle Brian visited Madison to drop off a gift. It was from his good friends who wanted Madison to have a special teddy bear. Thank you!

Day 755: Sunday Funday

Madi & Jack were up bright and early this morning to help Daddy, Nana & Papa clear out the basement storage for a water issue. 

Jack has discovered Madison’s tower and now wants to eat all his meals in it too!

Our two crazies spent their afternoon with friends- playing, colouring, climbing and laughing. Thanks for a great play date Cruz!

Day 754: Happy Birthday J.R!

Madi was super excited to have Tiffany visit her this morning at home. She showed Tiffany her room and her favourite toys in the basement and even showed her how the treadmill works.

Shortly after it was time to leave for J.R.’s birthday party! Madi loved playing with her friends at Monkey Business! They went on the swings, played on the jungle gym and had lots of cake. Happy 3rd Birthday J.R!