Day 770: Goodbye Carter

We are sad to share that our family dog Carter passed away suddenly last night. Madison was sad to not see him today and says she will really miss him. He was her best friend. Thank you to Nate for the beautiful book he brought his cousin. It was a perfect way to end the day at bedtime. He also gave her a small stuffy dog that she has named Carter and has it clipped to her bed rail so she can see him everyday. 

Madi and Jack had an appointment with Eric today for some adjustments. Madi has almost grown out of her AFO’s, so Eric tried one last adjustment to try and get her through until St Louis. 

Daddy had the day off to be together as a family, so he was able to meet Madi’s new horse Jorge!

After riding, Madi picked up a bike helmet for the delivery of her new bike tomorrow!

As a family we went out for dinner to talk about Carter and have some comfort food therapy. Madi and Jack made a visit to the candy store after dinner to continue with some retail therapy. Thank you for everyone’s messages, kind words and support.

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