Day 725: CP Gear! loved her morning at school because a dentist visited to give a check up for each student because they are learning about dentists this week at school!
Jack had a visit with Eric to get his last helmet fitting. Only a few more months and his helmet should be done with.

Madison worked hard at March of Dimes this afternoon. Lots of walking and standing before making her way home in the freezing rain. 

Madison was thrilled to see some new CP items when she got home. Aunt Janine found some cool St Louis books and Pam’s daughter Nicole gave the kids some cool CP awareness shirts. Thanks everyone for the CP love!

Another little girl named Taylor is on the same journey towards SDR surgery as Madison. She has started her fundraising campaign and one of her initiatives is selling CP decals like this one that Mommy picked up today to support Taylor and her family. Check out her page to follow her journey:

CBC News Update! Madi’s story is being shared tomorrow! Check out the CBC web article being published as of 5am. CBC News Metro Morning radio show with Jill Dempsey at 6:30am, 7:30am & 8:30am and CBC 6:00pm News. A big thank you to reporter Shannon Martin for sharing Madison’s story!

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