Day 724: CBC Interview
Madison had an interview with CBC News this morning! She was thrilled to learn that she would be on tv this week. Madi and Jack did a great job playing and interacting with the team while Mommy & Daddy spoke about the families upcoming trip to St Louis. CBC was interested in learning about the fundraising event this Wednesday being hosted at the home of The Ultimate Leafs Fan to help Madison with her SDR surgery in May and to shine light on the current challenges families in Ontario face in advocating for SDR for their child. The unofficial broadcast time is this Wednesday at 6pm and the interview will also be on CBC News Radio and their website. We will update everyone tomorrow. We are so appreciative to CBC for sharing Madison’s story! Thank you!

Madison and Jack had a specialist appointment this afternoon with an ENT. Madison’s doctor and speech therapist suggested she have her throat looked at due to her challenges with volume and tone with her voice. Madison was a champ and let the doctor use a scope to look at her vocal cords with no issue. The doctor discovered that Madison’s vocal cords are swollen and it’s due to reflux. Madi had issues with reflux when she was a baby but has seemed fine and no issues since she was about 1. The doctor told us that most kids with heartburn/reflux never complain or know. Madi will try meds for the next month to see if her speech volume, tone or clarity changes and will go back and check in with the doctor. With all Jacks ear infections the ENT also examined him and he had a full hearing exam with the audiologist. His hearing was good and the excess fluid behind his ears should drain soon. 

Madi was back in the pool tonight with Ryan and Jess and worked on some floats on the tot dock!

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