Day 720: Supporting the Places She Loves!
Madison’s new favourite thing ever is…Peppa Pig! Madi and Mommy went for lunch after school and went shopping for some new Peppa Pig gear.

Madison is an ambassador for Variety Village and had a great time in the afternoon visiting Sun Valley who is a wonderful sponsor for Variety Village. She gave them big smiles and thanked them for their support of a place that she cares about so much. 

Madi was spotted in the Pickering News Advertiser! Another article sharing her journey and telling everyone about her big fundraiser coming up this week!

Madi is supporting March of Dimes in their February initiative to raise money at all local LCBO’s. Drop your change off in this cute box you will see on the counter at checkout!

In other news…Blessed Cardinal Newman  Catholic High School gave Madi’s surgery fund a cheque for $3,700 from their school wide jeans day! Thank you for your generosity and support! Go Knights! Madison is looking forward to visiting the school in a few weeks to say thank you xo

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