Day 719: Loves Her Letters!
Madison said her favourite part about school today was playing alphabet soup at quiet time. She reached into the bowl and spelt her name and Mommy.

Madison and Jack had some lunch with Janine and wrestled with Buddy. It was then off to March of Dimes. She worked so hard today and was sad to leave. She also handed in her forms for camp… Madi will be going to CE camp for March Break and for the whole summer!

A big thank you to cousin Meredith for writing Madison an awesome press release…Nana was contacted today by CBC News and Mommy was told about an opportunity with Global News! We will keep moving forward and doing everything we can to try and obtain OHIP funding for Madison’s surgery…it really shouldn’t be this hard to fight for what’s best for your kid…but we will keep knocking on every possible door and do whatever it takes to be heard- if not for Madison, for the other families fighting the same battle as us. 

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