Day 711: Thank You Newman!

Mommy’s former high school, Blessed Cardinal Newman has been an amazing support and cheerleader for us in Madison’s journey towards SDR. The student council and amazing teachers decided to organize a jeans day with proceeds going towards Madison’s surgery. They created videos on YouTube and displayed posters in the halls to inspire and get the students involved in the initiative. Today was a huge success with the last reported total being over $3,000! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Madison visited Grandview this afternoon to get an updated speech assessment. She has made excellent improvement with the projection of her voice and being loud at school without cues or prompting. Her assessment today showed that as well. They worked on projection and clarity with a long voice, not a loud one. Madi loved the iPad game to help with this. It is called ‘Speak Up Sensory Two’. She will be going for a few more sessions until her OT and PT at Grandview pick up again in March. 

After dinner, Madison’s case manager from Resources for Exceptional Children stopped by to touch base on a few things to help us stay on top of things in the near future. We discussed upcoming observations/meetings and paperwork for kindergarten, funding for some equipment, CCAC support for the fall etc. We also had to create a list of team members for Madison’s first school meeting in April. The list seems never ending, but awesome knowing how many people will support her transition. Grandview OT, PT, speech & social worker, preschool teacher, private physio, case manager from Resources for Exceptional Children and her after school program staff. Onward and upward!

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