Day 710: Big Sister Duties

Sleep update: Daytime naps have ended. Melatonin trial is going very well. Madison got 12 hours sleep last night with only 1 night awakening. Her school is reporting she is much more awake and engaged and has limited yawning and complaints of being tired. Woo-hoo!

Madison was a wonderful Big Sister today. Her little brother Jack is pretty sick, so she helped Mommy give Jack his medicine and bottle and cuddled with him to try and make him feel better. 

While Mommy took Jack to the doctors, Madison visited with Pam and Medford! She worked on a very special project with Pam on her sewing machine. Madison loves to learn new things so she asked lots of questions, helped cut the threads and pushed the stop button. She had her favourite chicken for dinner and an ice cream sandwich for dessert! 

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