Day 665: Car Life

Today Madi and Jack had lots of visits with different people and places so they spent the day in the car. 

Madi had a great morning at school getting things ready for Santa’s visit on Friday. She had her turn to dress up like Santa today with his beard and hat at music circle. 

After school, Madi and Jack visited Mommy’s school. They got to see the pool and all the kids at lunch in the cafeteria and visited with Mommy’s friend Danielle in her classroom. Madison loved playing in the gym and chasing Jack all over. Mommy was also able to confirm a continuation of leave until the fall! This will give everyone the gift of time and focus on preparing for surgery in May!

After the school visit, it was time to head home for a quick snack and then off to ballet! A few families inquired about wanting to help Madison by volunteering time at any upcoming events- so kind of them! Some others have offered to try and sell tickets to some events, so stay tuned! 

Madison was thrilled to get her candy cane after ballet from her teacher!

After ballet, everyone headed over to see Shannon for an end of day massage. Madison’s hips continue to be tight and uncomfortable and has pain at night so the timing of the massage was perfect! They loved being in their matching Christmas pj’s. 

Don’t forget to purchase your raffle tickets for World Junior Tickets! 

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