Day 664: New Shoes!

Jack was up bright and early to see Eric for a helmet check in. Things are looking good but we need to try and find more opportunity for him to have it on to get the most out of his growth in the next few months.

While at Eric’s, Madison’s new shoes needed some extra support so it was perfect timing! Madi got new runners since her toe dragging from all the running in her walker had caused major holes. With the new shoes, Eric tried a new heel support to make the heal rigid and easier to slide her AFO in and out. 

After school pickup, Madi and Jack had a lunch date with Mommy. Jack ate his first cheeseburger! 

After lunch it was time to have a visit with Great Grandma Lynch. Madison and Jack opened a present with her, read books and played. It was a really nice visit!

Madison had a nice visit with Pam and Medford to wish Pam a happy birthday and Madi walked 5 steps to Pam all by herself with NO AFO’s!

Madison continues to struggle with sleep due to digestion, muscle spasms etc. So we are very excited to attend this presentation next month! We are hoping for some new ideas/strategies/care focus to help little Madi sleep through the night pain free. 

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