Day 623: Building Strength

Madisons physio today went really well. The focus during her sessions with Kate have turned to exercises that strengthen Madisons feet and legs to prepare her for surgery. They played different games that incorporated squating to standing, strengthening her dorsiflexion muscles, leg lifts to strengthen her lower quad muscles, raising up and down on her toes to strengthen her calf muscles and doing leg curls to strengthen her hamstrings. Madison started these exercises about 3 weeks ago and we are already seeing a huge improvement with her ability to do each exercise and the strength she has exhibited in doing them.


​​Being able to provide Madison with all of her different therapies that have given her strength and mobility has been truly life changing. She would not be where she is without the love and support of family and friends who have moved mountains for her. Having family support her through the Mike GREGOIRE Memorial Golf Tournament has been a big  reason why she can do all of the things she does like physio, swimming,  horseback riding, conductive education etc. and recently, help her get ready for her surgery in the spring. The tournament is in remembrance and honor of Mike GREGOIRE who left us far too soon, but was always a big supporter of family and helping others. When Lisa presented the funds raised from the tournament last night she mentioned that Mike would be very happy to know that Madison was one of the receipients from the tournament. Thank you Lisa, Patrick, Jessica and the entire committee for always thinking of Madison, cheering her on and giving her the gift of mobility through all of the things she will continue to be able to do to prepare her for St. Louis. 

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