Day 622: SDR Surgery Meeting!

Madison loved her time with Sassy today! She worked hard and loved showing Suzanne and Michelle all her tricks – like lying down and reaching forwards and to the side. 

Mommy and Daddy had a super exciting meeting tonight so Aunt Nadia babysat! Just as Mommy finished tidying up all the toys before leaving, Jack and Madison ripped through them all and the room was a disaster. Madison loved playing with play dough with Aunt Nadia!

Tonight was a very important night in Madisons life. Around 35 friends and family gathered for an information sharing meeting on the SDR surgery that Madison will be receiving this coming spring. Although she was approved a few months ago, tonight truly felt like the beginning of her amazing SDR journey. Mommy and Daddy were very overwhelmed with the amount of support that filled the room and felt extremely grateful for the positive energy, willingness to help and pure love for Madison to help give her the amazing opportunity of living life spasticity free. Information was shared on why the surgery will be of benefit to her, what the surgery involves, when it will happen and some of the logistical factors surrounding an initiative of this scope- such as fundraising. Lots of great questions were asked and a follow up meeting will be scheduled in about 4 weeks to discuss more specifics of what needs to happen and to share ideas. 

After the information sharing was complete, everyone enjoyed lots of yummy treats and mingled to discuss ideas and options for moving forward with certain things for the surgery. Mommy and Daddy were then presented with a cheque from the golf tournament from Lisa, Kathleen and Theresa and on behalf of the other golf tournament committee members. They presented a cheque for Madison for $13,000! She is well on her way to what is needed for surgery! Thank you again to everyone who donated to the tournament, participated or helped out! We feel truly blessed to have such supportive friends and family to give Madison the chance at living the life she wants, in the way we know she wants to live it. 

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