Day 617: Happy Birthday Janine!

Madison had an exceptionally good morning at school. She used the treadmill during gym class and used the potty successfully!

Janine and Suzzane picked up Madi after school and they spent the afternoon together for Janine’s birthday! They went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather, went for a walk along the boardwalk and played with an ice cream play dough maker after some lunch. 

Madison then went to Nana’s house for some dinner and played with lots of puzzles with Nana. 

Then it was time for swimming with Ryan! They worked on more bobs, floats, kicking and floating in her life jacket and swimming with her buddy Jessica who helped out tonight. Madison even worked on walking in the hot pool with her ropes! She did an amazing job trying to do bobs while holding onto the ropes and walking to Ryan! Her confidence and comfort continues to build weekly- it’s so exciting to see! She kept her goggles on for the whole lesson tonight thanks to Ryan and Jessica both wearing pink goggles too so they would match Madison.


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