Day 579: Variety Village Birthday Party!

Today Madison celebrated her 3rd birthday at Variety Village with her friends! She had friends from school and some of her ‘CP Warrior’ friends join her for play time in the field house, followed by pizza and cupcakes. All of her favourite activities were set up for her friends to try: the air mattress, obstacle course, parachute tent and turtles! All of her friends were able to find something they could do to make them smile. After lunch they all had a fun play on the accessible playground in the quad. She handed out balloons and loot bags and thanked everyone for helping make her day so special. Madison is a very lucky girl to have so many friends who love her and were so kind to find the time to celebrate with her. All of her friends have busy therapy schedules just like her, so it was great to get everyone together. Madison had a wonderful day! Happy 3rd Birthday Madi Mouse!



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