Day 578: TGIF!

Madison was very much a teenager this morning. She didn’t want to wake up, hid under her blanket and kicked and screamed to stay in bed. Once Stitch visited her to say good morning, she decided to finally wake up. It has been a very long week with very busy/long days so Madi had every right to not want to get up…but everyone needed to get through just one more day until the weekend. 

Madison’s teachers were thrilled with her participation today! Madison loved playing with ice cubes in water at the water table during sensory time and demonstrated some great transitions during music circle. Her one teacher reported that she was showing some weakness on the stairs which is common for her after Botox, so they will continue to work on it next week. 

Mommy and Madi had about an hour to kill after school so they went on a lunch date!

After lunch it was back to ABM with Judy for her last day. She worked hard and enjoyed herself. She demonstrated some excellent sitting positions and did well walking with no Walker, holding Judy’s hands.

Madi spent the rest of her day relaxing at home, napping, lots of stretching with Mommy and helping get things ready for her party tomorrow!

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