Day 536: Madi & Jack at Grandview

Madi & Jack spent their morning with Pam and Medford while Mommy took some much needed Mommy time and got a hair cut. Madi showed Pam her new bear puzzle and played with Jack and his toys. They had a great time and didn’t want to leave. 

Later in the day they visited Grandview to see Kate. She had a table with different activities all set up for Madison so she could play and work on her fine motor skills while Jack had his stretching session. Mommy and Kate stretched Jacks neck for about 20 minutes while Madi played . The whole stretching session was noisy with screaming and Madi was a great big sister and kept repeating “it’s ok bud, it’s ok Jack” while she played. 

On their way home they stopped off to pick out a new backpack. Madi starts her second year of pre school in a few weeks and decided she wanted a new backpack for a new year. After narrowing down many choices she chose a unicorn with matching lunch bag. She named her bag Joe. 

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