Day 535: A Day at the Orthotist 

Madi and Jack had a visit with their orthotist today. What was meant to be a 45 minute appointment for two ended up being 1 hour and 40 minutes of trying to play and distract and entertain. It also meant Madi missing her ride with Joe today. The good news is that Jack got his helmet adjusted to fit over his eyes better and Madison’s straps on her AFO’s got replaced and they put new padding in them to be ready for back to school in a few weeks.

On their way home, Madi and Jack stopped by Nate’s house for a quick play. They re-arranged uncle Marks rocks in the backyard and filled the water table using the hose.

Madison ended her day with a great session with Emily. They walked up and down the street to practice in her walker. She also practiced her walking in the backyard using her ropes and she got a great stretch with her Gaitors while they did a puzzle and played with play dough. Emily leaves for school In a week and Madison is going to really miss their time together. We are so excited for Emily to start school for physio and are so grateful for all of the time and support she has given Madison. Good luck at school Emily!!

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