Day 532: Amazing Walking!

Madi has been extremely busy lately with appointments, therapies, camp etc. Sometimes it’s hard to see her gains and with her Botox pretty much being gone, it has seemed lately like she has been at a stand still and regressing with some of her skills. She is tight and in pain some days which has been hard to see. But then, out of no where she has the most amazing physio session with Stephanie where she is able to put all the pieces together and do some of the best independent walking she has ever done! The most rewarding part was hearing her squeal with joy and asking to do it again and again because of the sense of freedom that she got a taste of. We feel so grateful for moments like these, where we can put everything in perspective and celebrate how far she has come. 

​ Jack also had physio today. They worked on his rotation of his body when on his tummy and neck rotation as well. They also worked on tilting his body to correct his head position, rolling both ways from his back and reaching forwards with both arms to play with toys. He works so hard just like his big sister but is not a fan of physio. 

It’s funny how much things change when the helmet is off and Madison is in the room with him. He lights up when he sees Madison watching him.

In other news…the playground was delivered today! So excited to see Madisons reaction once it’s built.

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