Day 531: Madi’s Getting a Playground!

This is a secret…Madison does not know!!

Mommy received the best phone call today! Million Dollar Smiles called and Madi is getting a playground for her and Jack for the backyard! 

Million Dollar Smiles is an organization that brings playgrounds to the backyards of children dealing with critical illnesses or to children with different physical or cognitive disabilities who would benefit from a safe place to play. 

Here is a note from the founder Anna Lopes:

“Over 10 years ago I started Million Dollar Smiles with the simple goal of wanting to bring smiles to children facing life threatening illnesses. I began with a small group of volunteers and together we helped change the life of 10 families in our first year through our Travelling Teddy Bear campaign. After years of running numerous fund-raising events resulting in many smiles, we have grown into a group of dedicated volunteers who organize fundraisers that support our gift-giving campaigns and special events.”

Million Dollar smiles did 60 playground builds this past year in Ontario! We are thrilled to be a part of it.

Madison does not know about this….it is a surprise that she will see on the day of the build once it is complete. Please help keep this secret!!!

Here is an example of a playground that has been built:

Madison will be receiving an accessible swing that will be mounted right next to a baby swing for Jack! The doorways of the house will be wide enough for her walker and there will be a sandbox and chalkboard that will be at her height and fully accessible. We will also mount flower boxes to the structure for her to have her own garden. 

It is the most perfect timing… It will be built September 11th… 3 days before her birthday!!! The 30 volunteers will arrive around 8:30 and build until 2:30 rain or shine. The organization provides breakfast and lunch for all the volunteers. They will then bring Madison out to unveil it to her and provide cake to celebrate! 

Everyone is thrilled that Madison will have a place to invite her little buddies over to play on a safe, accessible and fun place!


Madison loved having a play with Nate this afternoon and the three musketeers had a great time at Madi’s favourite piggy restaurant with Nana and Papa. 

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