Day 499: Ice Cream Truck!

Madi and Jack had a fun morning at Nana & Papa’s house playing with a new play dough set, dancing and helping put new soil and water in the pink flowers. 


​After her nap, Madi & Daddy were playing when they heard the ice cream truck! Madi crawled as fast as she could to her walker, put her shoes on and ran out the door to find the truck. They ended up walking all the way to the park and after about an hour they found the truck! Madi had a pink ice cream cone! Daddy was so proud of all the walking Madi did!

Daddy and Jack love having naps together 

Daddy came up with a clever idea to attach Madi’s walker to the stroller! Mommy was having a hard time Pushing the stroller around and carrying Madi’s walker at the same time so it would be available for when she wanted it – this is now so much better!

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