Day 498: Fun at the Park!

Madi had a great visit with Shannon this morning. She has not been this spastic/tight in a long time. Her hips & pelvis were locked up, quads tight causing knee caps to raise and swell and Achilles pulling as well. Shannon did a new combo for her tape which has already made a big difference in the quality of Madi’s walking/movement.

Madi took it easy all afternoon trying to relax her muscles and recover from a busy week of camp. After a long nap she went to get some fresh air with her cousin Nate. 

Madi went with Nana, Nate and Uncle Mark to explore the new splash pad in the neighbourhood. It was lots of fun and completely accessible! 

Mommy was so proud of Madi at the playground. She was able to be completely independent on a jungle gym for the first time!!!! She climbed and crawled all the way from the bottom, all the way to the top to the slide. It was amazing to see!! 


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