Day 496: Making a House a Home

Madison had a great morning at camp! They made pancakes to sell to all the staff at March of Dimes to raise money for CE. Madison’s job was the cashier. She helped to collect $105!!! On her way to the car she decided to try and hop down the ramp in her walker which started quite the giggle fest. Madison took some of the pancakes home to have for lunch but ended up eating them all in the car on the way home.


​Jack had a fun visit with Sara this morning while Mommy and Ruby worked together at Variety Village. Sara’s son Jack and little Jack had a fun time playing together. Jack squared!

After some down time at home, Madison went to the Village for a swim with Ryan. She did an awesome job today! She tried lying nice and flat during her back floats, practiced pushing her feet from the wall and did lots of great bubbles! They also tried some standing and walking in the water. Madi loves her time with Ryan and talked about how she poured water on his head the whole way home in the car. 

Madi ended her night with a visit from Nana who played with her and Jack while Mommy & Daddy had a special visitor. Now that Madison is consistently independent with her walker and her independent walking has extremely progressed, it is time to start making Madison’s house more of a home by changing the design of the front and back of the house to allow her to access what she wants independantly and safely.  A contractor that was recommended by other Grandview families came to look at the front and back entrances and to discuss options. The rough sketches were very exciting to see. Once final sketches are designed we will share more. The front of the house will have both stone steps and a stone ramp with a garden feature in between. The front door will be wider and have a seamless frame entrance. The back door will have a new deck with built in bench and flower box. A ramp will exit one side of the deck with a step down to the grass on the other side. While waiting for a quote, Mommy & Daddy will start the funding applications to March of Dimes and Presidents Choice Charity. Within the next year Madison will be able to enter the front of the house all by herself and go out to play in the backyard all by herself! 

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