Day 495: 4 Generations! 

Mommy, Nana & Jack picked up Madi today from March of Dimes camp and went to Great Grandma Lynch’s for a visit! 

Madison showed her Great Grandma her toy phone, they talked about the art work around the room and ate some yummy cake. Lots of visitors popped by the room to say hello as well. Madison also showed her Great Grandma all the walking she has been practicing. She walked around the whole upper floor of the building in her walker. It was a great visit! 

Madison and Jack then headed home and had a nap together in the car on the way. Madison was thrilled to see Pam this afternoon who gave her a plate of butterfly decorated cupcakes! Thank you Pam they were a big hit!

Madison and Jack then spent the evening at Nate’s house while Mommy was at a meeting. The presentation was at Holland Bloorview to discuss “what’s new with cp” for parents of children with cp. The topics that were discussed were SDR surgery, therapeutic options, research opportunities, cord blood use, SPML surgery, constraint induced modified therapy, deep brain stimulation, bone health, hip health and gait analysis clinic.

Madison played with Nate and all of his toys and went for a wagon ride to the park to fly a kite and go down the slide. When they went home they had a yummy dinner and then had a bath to get ready for bed. Thanks Uncle Mark and Aunt Nadia for a great night!

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