Happy Birthday Auntie Em!

Madison spent the first part of her morning with Nana & Papa visiting with the Blue Jays in the backyard. One of her favourite things to do at their house is play with their play food. Her favourite piece is the chocolate chip cookie that she was determined to feed to Jack.

Madison then went for brunch with Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate Auntie Em’s birthday that is this Tuesday. She had her favourite chicken and loved helping Auntie Em open her gifts. 

After brunch she visited with Dylan and the two went for a walk by Sugar Beach and watched the water fountain. They traded their “wheels” for a few minutes and Madi tried Dylan’s scooter – she loved it!!

Madison spent the rest of her day playing with Jack at the house. She also scored big again at another garage sale and got herself an exercise bike to help strengthen her leg muscles.

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