Day 471: Sore Legs

Madison has been having some pretty intense muscle spasms lately. We think it is a combination of her spasticity, a growth spurt and the outside heat. She went to see Shannon today for a massage. She loved it! We were so proud of her that she was able to tell Shannon what part of her legs hurt. She relaxed and let Shannon work her magic for 30 minutes. Her walking looked significantly different after the massage because her hip, quad and hamstring muscles were very tight and Shannon was able to loosen them up.

Madi had a nice visit with Pam and helped her water her flowers. She also scored at a garage sale today. She got a little floor table she used today for her snack and colouring while she did some long sitting.

Madi and Nate had a bbq dinner date in the backyard. They had a great play and lots to eat!

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