Day 464: Running the Bases!

Today Madison celebrated her Daddy’s 30th Birthday at the Blue Jays game. It was a surprise! Madison and 24 other family and friends celebrated in a private suite to watch the Blue Jays beat Boston in the 9th. She loved watching her favourite player Jose and ate lots of yummy food and cheered and played. The highlight of her day was at the end of the game. Madison, Nate and Theo ventured down to field level to run the bases! 6 months ago, Madison was just learning how to stand in her walker and was able to spend a few minutes in it. Today she was able to walk/run in her walker all the way from 1st base to home plate. Everyone was so proud of her and cheered her on from the box. Mommy cried and was so proud. It was such a special birthday present for Daddy.

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