Day 463: Splashing Around with New Friends!

Madison played hookie from school this morning. She went to Pam and Medfords for a play while Mommy took Jack for a massage. She showed Pam her play dough and had a great time.

Mommy then picked Madi up to go to Variety Village. She met up with her new boyfriends J.R. And Cruz and their Mommy’s. They all went for a swim with Madi’s swim teacher Ryan who wanted to meet the boys and get to know them more for lessons this summer. They dumped a bin of balls and squirting toys in the water to play with. Mommy was so happy to see how happy and comfortable/confident Madi was. It was hilarious when J.R.’s mom Jen said “Madi you’re so cute” and Madi said right back to her “You’re cute!” Madison had so much fun with her new friends. Its so wonderful for her to have a group of friends with similar challenges and strengths to grow up with and to figure things out together. 

After swimming Madison took her brother Jack to the doctors to get his 4 month shots. She was very excited that she would see the needles, but she ended up falling asleep in the stroller for 2 hours and missed everything! Swimming clearly wiped her out.

Madi took it easy around the house when she got home. She is loving her floor chair that she can easily get in and out of while playing or watching tv from the floor. It was a hot afternoon in the house. She relaxed with the fan on her and had a cold juice to drink. 

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