Day 455: Feeling Accomplished

Madison worked hard with Monika this afternoon at March of Dimes. She tried standing up from a bench and side stepping without holding onto anything. She did great! They also did lots of stretching of her hamstrings now that the Botox is working its way through her muscles. Madi showed Monika how she has been practicing standing up from the floor and they worked on walking with her canes. When watching Madison at conductive education we often think back to when she first started about 15 months ago. At that time she was learning to roll over, sit independently and crawl. She has changed so much since then and has accomplished so much with her dedication and hard work.

When Madi got home she wanted her sweater to be taken off. Mommy had to feed Jack who was having a meltdown so there was no one to help Madison. She then said to Mommy ” it’s ok Mommy- Madi will try” Madison then proceeded to unzip her sweater all by herself and after about 10 minutes of pulling and pulling on her sleeves she got her sweater off all by herself. Madison was so happy and proud of herself and kept screaming “I did it Mommy! I did it!” She then did her little dance that she does while singing “I did it, I did it, I did it!” Such a small, everyday thing to try, but such a big moment to celebrate.

Here is Jack, post meltdown… He is quite happy with himself hahaha

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