Day 454: Success at School!

Today was a super jam packed day for the Ambos family. Madison had some exceptional experiences today that made for a positive day, and Mommy and Daddy made some progress with their “to do” list.

Madison’s teacher reported that she took some independent steps before music circle this morning. One of her teachers was so happy to cheered and had some tears of joy! 

Madison had a good ride on Joe this afternoon. Madison told Mommy and Daddy that she let go of Joe to touch her helmet and then touch her toes. They are working on balance, coordination and core strength. Madison also played a game with Joe who was wearing a necklace made out of rings. Madison had to try and reach forward to touch the different coloured rings while Joe walked around outside. It was a beautiful day! 

 Madison spent some time with Aunt Nadia, Uncle Mark and Nate while Mommy and Daddy had a meeting with their Social Worker. Madi and Nate had lots of giggles and played in Nates fort. Mommy and Daddy spoke with their Social Worker about funding for renovations, ways of talking to Madison about her challenges, upcoming scheduling with her new developmental pediatrician, checking that Madison is on “the list” for the CP specialist coming from out west, investigating community programming for the summer etc. etc. etc. 

Mommy also heard back from one of the school options for Madison for September 2017. Mommy and Daddy will be going to meet the principal in a few weeks to have a tour and see what life would be like for Madison in a regular full day kindergarten class so that decisions can be made around what the best fit will be for her. A few other schools will be looked at in the next few weeks including Grandviews school before everyone goes on vacation for the summer. 

While dinner was cooking, Madison helped Daddy water all the flowers. She loves her job of filling up the watering can from the rain barrel. She was especially excited to see a big fat bee flying in the garden that she planted to save the bees! 

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